History of the Facelift: The First Three Decades

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Innovative surgical procedures may be presented as newly discovered procedures. This may not be true, unless the author has done a thorough search of the prior literature to confirm originality. Many techniques are described, used, and abandoned, only to reappear as a fresh discovery. In reviewing the history of facelift surgery, it is apparent that almost all of the approaches to facial rejuvenation were described in the early decades of the 1900s. Thus, this chapter will provide a summary of the key discoveries during that era. Later approaches reflect refinements and different anatomical understandings and use better materials but are not necessarily as original as claimed. Anyone writing about facelifting today would be well advised to read the contributions of CC Miller, AG Bettman, Suzanne Noél, Jacques Joseph, Julien Bourguet, and the others discussed here.


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