Spatial Data Analysis

  • Dilip KumarEmail author
  • R. B. Singh
  • Ranjeet Kaur
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In the previous chapters, you have learnt and understood about the creation of digital data sets in the GIS environment. Further, digital data sets can be used for mapping and extracting information by spatial analysis for better planning of the Earth’s resources and phenomena as well as identifying the new associations between them to increase our understanding of the real world. After reading this chapter you should be able to understand the following:
  • The need for spatial analysis

  • Methods of spatial analysis in single and multiple layers

  • Query and reasoning in a GIS environment

  • Measurement from the data sets of various features

  • Transformation of data sets by buffering, topological overlay and spatial interpolation

  • Network analysis

  • Data manipulation


Spatial analysis Proximity analysis Overlay analysis Thiessen’s polygon DEM Network analysis Spatial data manipulation 


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