Petri Nets Repository: A Tool to Benchmark and Debug Petri Net Tools

  • Lom Messan Hillah
  • Fabrice KordonEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10258)


For a given scientific community, being able to use a common and rich accepted benchmark for the evaluation of algorithms and prototypes is an added value. The goal of this paper is to present Petri Nets Repository, an open Petri nets models database. It offers two main ways to navigate through the benchmark using criteria related to Petri net properties: a Web interface, and a Web service API (REST). So far, this database embeds the models from the Model Checking Contest, as well as those of the discontinued Petriweb.

A placeholder is available to store, when possible, the outputs of the Model Checking Contest; then for the corresponding models there will be formulas and their accepted results available too. We believe this would help the community to easily create oracles to debug new algorithms and tools.


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The authors thank Hubert Garavel for his helpful advice during the design of Petri Net Repository.


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