Extended Dependency Graphs and Efficient Distributed Fixed-Point Computation

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Equivalence and model checking problems can be encoded into computing fixed points on dependency graphs. Dependency graphs represent causal dependencies among the nodes of the graph by means of hyper-edges. We suggest to extend the model of dependency graphs with so-called negation edges in order to increase their applicability. The graphs (as well as the verification problems) suffer from the state space explosion problem. To combat this issue, we design an on-the-fly algorithm for efficiently computing fixed points on extended dependency graphs. Our algorithm supplements previous approaches with the possibility to back-propagate, in certain scenarios, the domain value 0, in addition to the standard back-propagation of the value 1. Finally, we design a distributed version of the algorithm, implement it in an open-source tool, and demonstrate the efficiency of our general approach on the benchmark of Petri net models and CTL queries from the Model Checking Contest 2016.


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We would like to thank to Frederik Boenneland, Jakob Dyhr, Mads Johannsen and Torsten Liebke for their help with running LoLA experiments. The work was funded by Sino-Danish Basic Research Center IDEA4CPS, Innovation Fund Denmark center DiCyPS and ERC Advanced Grant LASSO. The last author is partially affiliated with FI MU in Brno.


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  2. 2.Faculty of InformaticsMasaryk UniversityBrnoCzech Republic

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