Checking Multi-view Consistency of Discrete Systems with Respect to Periodic Sampling Abstractions

  • Maria PittouEmail author
  • Stavros Tripakis
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In multi-view modeling the system under development is described by distinct models, called views, which capture different perspectives of the system. Inevitably, possible overlaps of the views may give rise to inconsistencies. Hence, it becomes essential to check for consistency among the separate views. Existing work checks view consistency of discrete systems (transition systems or finite automata) with respect to two types of abstraction functions: (1) projections of state variables, (2) projections of an alphabet of events onto a subalphabet. In this paper, we study view consistency with respect to timing abstractions, specifically, periodic sampling. We define the multi-view consistency problem for periodic sampling abstractions, and provide an algorithm for the problem.


Discrete System Finite Automaton Boolean Expression Deterministic Finite Automaton View Consistency 
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