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Endometrial Presurgical Preparation

  • Raffaele Tinelli
  • Ettore  Cicinelli


Office operative hysteroscopy is facilitated by endometrial preparation. In fact, with a thin endometrium the uterine cavity is wider and more explorable, intracavity abnormalities (polyps, myomas, etc.) are easily detectable and frequently smaller compared to previous evaluation. This implies that removal may be easier, operating time shorter, volume of distention media needed for the procedure lower, and therefore the procedure may be safer and better accepted by patients. The results of all this studies demonstrated that ten days of estradiol (E2) and Dienogest (Klaira) administration provides a rapid and effective endometrial suppression. A shorter time needed to obtain a satisfactory endometrial preparation improves both patient acceptability and working organization as it facilitates scheduling and avoids the need to postpone surgery by long period of time.


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  2. 2.Department of Obstetrics and GynaecologyUniversity Medical SchoolBariItaly

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