Nanomaterials in Health care and Cosmetics

  • Zhypargul AbdullaevaEmail author


Liposomes are defined as vesicular structures with an aqueous core surrounded by a hydrophobic lipid bilayer of phospholipids and the liposomes which have vesicles with size of 15 nm are called as nanoliposomes (Ahmad 2012).


Aggregation number Antiaging Antiwrinkle Cleanser Creaming rate Cubosomes Curvature elastic energy Deformability Dendrimers Diffusion coefficient Excess area Face gel Hydrogel Liposomes Micelle Moisturizer Nanocapsules Nanoemulsion droplet Niosomes Osmotic pressure Ostwald ripening Partition coefficient Penetration Penetration enhancers Silver NPs Skin permeability Span 60 Sunscreen Surfactant 


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