Electrical Circuits and Simulation Results

  • David Fouto
  • Nuno Paulino
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This chapter presents the design of the electric circuits used in the proposed ΣΔ modulators. Digital circuits, like logic gates, delay circuits, the phase generator and flip-flops, the low power and low gain amplifiers, the positive feedback comparator, the switching circuitry, and the monostable circuit design, are explained. Results of electrical simulations of each individual circuit are presented, validating the design approach. Three ΣΔ modulators were designed in a 130 nm standard CMOS technology and subjected to electrical transient-noise simulations. The performance parameters, such as the signal to noise and distortion ratio and dynamic range, and the power consumption of the modulators, obtained through electrical simulation, are presented and, to allow a comparison with order ADCs design methodologies, figures of merit are calculated.


CMOS transistor Digital circuits Flip-Flop Low power amplifiers Positive feedback comparator Clock bootstrapped switches Monostable circuit Figure of merit 


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  • Nuno Paulino
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