Differential Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Cameron W. Schick
  • F. Thomas D. KaplanEmail author


Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most commonly diagnosed compressive neuropathy and the third most common procedure performed by orthopedic surgeons. The majority of carpal tunnel syndrome is idiopathic with classic symptoms of nocturnal paresthesias and activity-related symptoms with prolonged grip. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be idiopathic or caused by a variety of conditions such as space-occupying disorders or endocrinopathies. As with many disorders, other conditions can cause symptoms mimicking carpal tunnel syndrome, whose pathologies do not involve the median nerve at the carpal tunnel. These diagnoses include neurologic and non-neurologic conditions and should always be considered when evaluating patients with carpal tunnel symptoms, especially in those who present with atypical complaints and an abnormal physical examination. This chapter focuses on those conditions providing clinicians with a broad differential diagnosis for patients with paresthesias of the hand.


Neurologic Non-neurologic Cervical Vascular Inflammatory Tumor Neuropathy Arthritis Infection Tenosynovitis 


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