Hybrid Service Discovery Approach for Peer-to-peer Web Service Systems

  • Moses OlaifaEmail author
  • Sunday Ojo
  • Tranos Zuva
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 16)


Efficient service discovery is an essential task in distributed systems. Proliferation of web services has made this task difficult and challenging over the years. One of such challenges is the need to exhaustively search through all the services in the repositories to discover a required service. Another challenge is the huge number of irrelevant services returned during service discovery. The approach introduced in this work employs a clustering technique for the purpose of reducing the size of the search space and eliminating irrelevant services. In cases where the query is not satisfied within a super-node, an agent is activated to search and learn the traversed nodes to the required service. The performance of this approach is evaluated against two other approaches for service discovery. The results show a better performance in our approach over the other two approaches.


Service discovery Clustering Service oriented computing Service registry 


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