‘Acquaintance with Grief’: Filmmaking as Mourning and Recognition in Nanni Moretti’s Mia Madre

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In this chapter, Benini examines Nanni Moretti’s relationship with grief in his latest movie Mia madre, produced in 2015. Moving from a diaristic imprinting, Moretti projects his mourning onto a female figure, the filmmaker Margherita, creating two intersecting triangles of characters. One triangle is a female genealogy between the mother, Ada, the daughter, Margherita, and the granddaughter, Livia. The second triangle consists of Moretti’s own diffracted alter-egos: Margherita, her brother Giovanni and her most prominent actor, Barry Huggins, with an interesting gender roles’ inversion between Margherita and her brother, who is the mother’s caretaker. Margherita lives in a liminal dimension porous to the intermittences of memory, imagination, and the subconscious. Moretti creates oneiric sequences that are uncannily real, giving the sense of a present enmeshed with the memories of the past and the fear for the future. Notwithstanding the dimension of the tragedy to come, Moretti welcomes grief as an awakening to a future full of awareness and pietas. Moretti’s stance is that of a classical elegy, and his relationship with the mother is like his relationship to the Classics: a legacy not to be lost, but cherished and embraced.


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