Interfacing Single Quantum Dot Spins with Photons Using a Nanophotonic Cavity

  • Shuo SunEmail author
  • Edo Waks
Part of the Nano-Optics and Nanophotonics book series (NON)


The spin of a single electron or hole trapped inside a quantum dot offers a promising quantum memory. These qubits are embedded in a host semiconductor material that can be directly patterned to form compact integrated nanophotonic devices. These devices efficiently interconnect single solid-state qubits with photons, a crucial requirement for quantum networks, quantum repeaters, and photonic quantum computation. This chapter reviews recent experimental progress towards achieving strong spin-photon interactions based on coupled quantum dot and nanophotonic cavity system. Especially we introduce a recent work that reports a coherent spin-photon quantum switch operating at the fundamental quantum limit, where a single photon flips the orientation of a quantum dot spin and the spin flips the polarization of the photon. These strong spin-photon interactions open up a promising direction for solid-state implementations of high-speed quantum networks and on-chip quantum photonic circuits using nanophotonic devices.


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