Pediatric Brain Metastases

  • Radhika Sreeraman Kumar
  • Ronny L. RotondoEmail author


Brain metastases (BM) are a frequent occurrence in adults malignancies, with an expected 20–40% of adult patients expected to develop BM during their disease course. In comparison, the brain is a rare site of metastasis in pediatric extracranial solid tumors with an estimated incidence in the order of 1–10%. Nevertheless, with continuing improvements in systemic therapies leading to prolonged survival, the incidence of pediatric BM may rise. While there is a broad body of literature on the incidence and management of adult BM, including large randomized clinical trials, there is a paucity of published data on pediatric BM, limited primarily to small series and cases reports. Pediatric BM may present synchronously or more commonly in the setting of prior extracranial metastases, particularly to the lungs. Treatment has typically included surgical resection for isolated or symptomatic lesions, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and possibly immunotherapy. Although the outcome for pediatric patients with BM is in general very poor, there are some reports of long-term survivors, suggesting that aggressive multimodal therapy may be warranted in a subset of patients.


Brain metastases Whole brain radiotherapy Stereotactic radiosurgery Sarcoma Germ cell tumor Neuroblastoma Renal tumor 


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