Spinal Tumors

  • Natia EsiashviliEmail author
  • Ronica Nanda
  • Mohammad Khan
  • Bree Eaton


Spinal cord tumors are very rare in children. They present unique clinical challenges, and their treatment should be individualized based on the histologic type. The use of postoperative irradiation for spinal cord tumors has been controversial, and largely inconsistent. Radical surgery is the aim for low-grade astrocytic tumors and ependymomas. The need for adjuvant therapy most often depends on the extent of resection as well as the tumor type. While the role of postoperative radiotherapy in high-grade spinal cord tumors is widely accepted, its role in low-grade intramedullary tumors is debatable. Patients with disseminated low-grade glial tumors and ependymomas of the spinal cord may achieve long-term progression-free survival with craniospinal irradiation. The potential role of chemotherapy in the management of spinal cord astrocytoma remains to be defined.


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