An Intimate Adaptation

  • Jelena Borojević


The world of fandom stems from our own reality, and yet also incorporates characters and stories that come from a very intimate source. A community that was once ignored by outsiders now finds itself in the spotlight of ridicule and criticism, especially with regard to its erotica. There is a very private side to this Internet culture, and it is one that frequently deals with sexual fantasies of a great variety. Erotic imagination runs free within the walls of fandom, away from the cynical gaze of the outside world, and powered by all the minds who contribute to this land of sensual artistry. While some are rare visitors in times of lust and curiosity, others live a parallel reality through fan creation. This chapter discusses the presence of erotica in fandom, its significance, and why it is essential for those who have found a place hidden from an unforgiving reality.


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