Comorbidity of Migraine with Asthma and Other Atopic Disorders

  • Aynur Özge
  • Kentaro Kuwabara
Part of the Headache book series (HEAD)


Migraine headache and atopic disorders including asthma are both common functional syndromes of childhood in which nature of the relationship is still debated. Attacks may induce in both disorders upon exposure to potential triggers to attacks in genetically susceptible individuals. Clinical phenotype of both disorders manifests by temporary dysfunction of target tissue mediated by inflammation triggered by specific agents. Clinical features also changes after puberty due to the partial effect of female sex hormones on the process. Appropriate definition of the syndrome and differentiating from other disorders are necessary not only for correct diagnosis but also for planning of management strategies in children and adolescents. Allergic rhinosinusitis needs to be differentiated specifically from migraine even in experienced clinics. Questioning the presence of cranial autonomic symptoms is important clue in the differential diagnosis. Atopic disorder screening is particularly required in the diagnosis of migraine in childhood and adolescents. The link between both disorders of childhood seems to be far from a coincidence and some common inflammatory mechanisms are shared.

 As for conclusion, based on clinical features, laboratory findings and some practical clues in children and adolescents, accurate diagnosis of migraine and atopic disorders are very critical for physicians, pediatricians and algologists. This chapter focuses on the causal and clinical associations of migraine and atopic disorders, with supporting data from specific investigations of each of the disorders.


Migraine Atopic disorders Asthma Atopic dermatitis Rhinosinusitis Conjunctivitis Inflammation Comorbidity 


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