Brief Thoughts on Zen and Behavior Therapy

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Part of the Mindfulness in Behavioral Health book series (MIBH)


Brief Thoughts on Zen and Behavior Therapy is presented by one of the leading researchers and clinicians in behavior therapy today: Marsha Linehan, creator of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. In it, Dr. Linehan describes her journey in becoming a behavior therapist and a Zen Roshi, elaborating on the similarities and differences between these two professions and identities. Dr. Linehan also highlights cultural influences on our perceptions of religion, including her analysis of the ways in which Buddhism is not necessarily mutually exclusive with other prominent world religions today; Dr. Linehan herself was raised in Catholicism. From her perspective, Zen is in line with mystical traditions, whereas behavior therapy is in line with science. The two coexist nicely when one remembers what many astronomers have posited: scientists who the study the universe ultimately become mystics themselves.


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