How to Combine Visual Features with Tags to Improve Movie Recommendation Accuracy?

  • Yashar DeldjooEmail author
  • Mehdi Elahi
  • Paolo Cremonesi
  • Farshad Bakhshandegan Moghaddam
  • Andrea Luigi Edoardo Caielli
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Previous works have shown the effectiveness of using stylistic visual features, indicative of the movie style, in content-based movie recommendation. However, they have mainly focused on a particular recommendation scenario, i.e., when a new movie is added to the catalogue and no information is available for that movie (New Item scenario). However, the stylistic visual features can be also used when other sources of information is available (Existing Item scenario).

In this work, we address the second scenario and propose a hybrid technique that exploits not only the typical content available for the movies (e.g., tags), but also the stylistic visual content extracted form the movie files and fuse them by applying a fusion method called Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA). Our experiments on a large catalogue of 13 K movies have shown very promising results which indicates a considerable improvement of the recommendation quality by using a proper fusion of the stylistic visual features with other type of features.


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