Internet of Nano Things and Industrial Internet of Things

  • Hemdan Ezz El-DinEmail author
  • D. H. Manjaiah
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 25)


In recent years, nanotechnology has become an important research topic which promises novel solutions for several applications in healthcare, industrial, biomedical, and military. The advanced nanotechnology led to appear new nanodevices which acquire, generate, compute, process and transfer data at nanoscale dimension. These nanodevices are interconnected with each other using the existing communication systems which produce a new domain that is called Internet of nano things. The current advanced development in telecommunication and network system let to new area known as Internet of things. One of the most important applications of Internet of things is in the industrial control systems. The Internet of things makes novel development in industrial field which define new paradigm that is further referred to as industrial Internet of things. Within this context, this chapter through light on fundamental concepts, architecture, communication classifications, communication issues, applications, security and future research directions in the Internet of nano things. Additionally, it also explore architecture, requirements, benefits, security and future research directions in the industrial Internet of things.


Cloud Computing Medium Access Control Communication Issue Nanoscale Device Industrial Control System 
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