Application of Technologies in Internet of Things

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In this modern smart era, various things in the physical world are connected to the Internet to share information. It is possible to communicate with every things with sensors connected to it. The data from diverse sensors may be collected at regular intervals and collected data may be translated to track objects, control the objects by decision making algorithms, etc. These features of Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionized the medical applications to provide cost effective quality health care with improved efficiency of manpower. The IoT alleviated the obstacles in medical applications in maintaining the records of patients, regular and remote monitoring of data as well as providing automatic diagnosis information to care givers or to the doctors without human intervention. The knowledge of sensors, its connectivity, communication protocol is essential for the neophytes in the development of IoT solutions in health care. Most literature, demonstrates the application of IoT and not much literature describes the various components that are censorious for understanding IoT. Therefore, this chapter covers the various components such as sensors, data collection and communication, software technology that are essential to implement IoT.


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