Cyclic Testing on Low-Density Chalk

  • Svend Pilgaard LarsenEmail author
  • Nataša Katić
  • Niels Trads
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A short series of cyclic triaxial tests has been carried out on chalk samples from the English Channel. The specimens are installed with a minimum of handling. The state of specimens after the cyclic testing ranged between no apparent changes to the structure (no degradation) and total loss of structure (degradation); whereas pronounced failure planes were observed in some of the specimens. The current article summarizes details of geological description and handling of the tested specimens in respect to the failure mode of the chalk.


Unconfined Compressive Strength Triaxial Test Cyclic Testing Undrained Shear Strength Average Shear Stress 
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  • Nataša Katić
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  • Niels Trads
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