Visual Analytics in Enterprise Architecture Management: A Systematic Literature Review

  • Dierk JugelEmail author
  • Kurt Sandkuhl
  • Alfred Zimmermann
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 263)


In times of dynamic markets, enterprises have to be agile to be able to quickly react to market influences. Due to the increasing digitization of products, the enterprise IT often is affected when business models change. Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) targets a holistic view of the enterprise’ IT and their relations to the business. However, Enterprise Architectures (EA) are complex structures consisting of many layers, artifacts and relationships between them. Thus, analyzing EA is a very complex task for stakeholders. Visualizations are common vehicles to support analysis. However, in practice visualization capabilities lack flexibility and interactivity. A solution to improve the support of stakeholders in analyzing EAs might be the application of visual analytics. Starting from a systematic literature review, this article investigates the features of visual analytics relevant for the context of EAM.


EAM Literature review Visual analysis Decision support 


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