Counterexample Validation and Interpolation-Based Refinement for Forest Automata

  • Lukáš Holík
  • Martin Hruška
  • Ondřej LengálEmail author
  • Adam Rogalewicz
  • Tomáš Vojnar
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10145)


In the context of shape analysis, counterexample validation and abstraction refinement are complex and so far not sufficiently resolved problems. We provide a novel solution to both of these problems in the context of fully-automated and rather general shape analysis based on forest automata. Our approach is based on backward symbolic execution on forest automata, allowing one to derive automata-based interpolants and refine the automata abstraction used. The approach allows one to distinguish true and spurious counterexamples and guarantees progress of the abstraction refinement. We have implemented the approach in the Forester tool and present promising experimental results.


Symbolic Execution Tree Automaton Predicate Abstraction Dynamic Data Structure Abstraction Refinement 
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  • Martin Hruška
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  • Ondřej Lengál
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    Email author
  • Adam Rogalewicz
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  • Tomáš Vojnar
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