Academic Policy Reflections of Student’s Reading Behavior Study in ULSIT

  • Tania TodorovaEmail author
  • Rositza Krasteva
  • Tereza Trencheva
  • Elisaveta Tsvetkova
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 676)


The Strategy for Effective Implementation of ICT in Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria (2014 to 2020) has as its objective digital transformation in education. In this context, a survey was conducted in 2015 among students at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT) as part of the Academic Reading Format International Study, essential for updating the institutional policy according the requirements of the strategy. At ULSIT, the survey was accepted with interest: of the target group of 350 students, 234 respondents responded to the whole survey. Analysis of the results highlighted the statistically significant differences in preferences and behavior of students from both faculties at ULSIT. The students from the Faculty of Library Studies and Cultural Heritage mostly prefer using printed materials, while their colleagues from the Faculty of Information Sciences prefer using teaching materials in electronic format in many cases.


Academic readings ULSIT LIS higher education Academic reading format international study 



This paper is one of the outcomes of the research project “Copyright Policies of Libraries and other Cultural Institutions”, funded by NSF of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (DFNI-К01/0002-21.11.2012).


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  • Tania Todorova
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  • Rositza Krasteva
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  • Tereza Trencheva
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  • Elisaveta Tsvetkova
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