Traffic Big Data and Its Application in Road Traffic Performance Evaluation: Illustrated by the Case of Shenzhen

  • Jiandong QiuEmail author
  • Wei Chen
Part of the Advances in Geographic Information Science book series (AGIS)


This chapter established road traffic operation evaluation system and traffic analysis model based on big data generated from urban traffic operation and management. Firstly, advanced technology, such as multisource data integration, massive data real-time processing, and GIS spatial computing, provides an adequate support. Besides, the system evaluates road traffic operating conditions through temporal and spatial dimensions, providing effective technical assessment tools for the government, public, and technical institutions. Finally, the system has been applied in transportation planning and management decision-making process in Shenzhen for nearly 5 years.


Big data Floating car speed Traffic index Traffic decision making 


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  1. 1.Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center Co., Ltd./Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Transport Information & Transport EngineeringShenzhenChina

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