On the Exploration of Convolutional Fusion Networks for Visual Recognition

  • Yu LiuEmail author
  • Yanming Guo
  • Michael S. Lew
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10132)


Despite recent advances in multi-scale deep representations, their limitations are attributed to expensive parameters and weak fusion modules. Hence, we propose an efficient approach to fuse multi-scale deep representations, called convolutional fusion networks (CFN). Owing to using 1 \(\times \) 1 convolution and global average pooling, CFN can efficiently generate the side branches while adding few parameters. In addition, we present a locally-connected fusion module, which can learn adaptive weights for the side branches and form a discriminatively fused feature. CFN models trained on the CIFAR and ImageNet datasets demonstrate remarkable improvements over the plain CNNs. Furthermore, we generalize CFN to three new tasks, including scene recognition, fine-grained recognition and image retrieval. Our experiments show that it can obtain consistent improvements towards the transferring tasks.


Multi-scale deep representations Locally-connected fusion module Transferring deep features Visual recognition 



This work was supported mainly by the LIACS Media Lab at Leiden University and in part by the China Scholarship Council. We would like to thank NVIDIA for the donation of GPU cards.


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