[126] Convocation Address at McGill

  • Loring W. Tu
Part of the Contemporary Mathematicians book series (CM)

Mr. Chancellor, Mr. Chairman of the Board - my dear fellow graduates:

Congratulations to you - class of ’87! You look splendid! I think you wash more behind the ears than your American cousins at Harvard do.

It is nice to get a degree, isn’t it? Of course you only had to work hard for four years or so to get yours, while it took over forty years to get mine. And presumably you have paid for yours, while I am paying for mine at this very moment by being here on this platform, making a fool of myself.

But, there is really nothing like one’s first degree! And what I loved especially about my Bachelor of Engineering was that an iron ring (from a fallen bridge) came with it. I hope this tradition continues, so that at least you engineers, can contrive - as I did - to display it prominently on every occasion. It is a marvelous way of starting a conversation and at the same time lets one and all know that you have “graduated”. So my first admonition to you is: “Flaunt your degree in front of...

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