Method for the Implementation of Active Solar Systems in Hospitals, in the Hospitalization Unit of the Hospital Clínico del Sur, Concepción, Chile

  • Alberto Nope BernalEmail author
  • Rodrigo García Alvarado
  • Ariel Bobadilla Moreno


Health facilities have complex morphologies with high concentrated energy requirements, therefore, solar power generation integrated in such buildings can be a significant contribution, but its proper implementation requires relating volumetric, demands and technologies. Methods used today to determine solar installations usually do not involve architectural, energy and economic aspects in a single process, which reduces the chances of the designer or consultant to address the implementation in an efficient manner, both in existing buildings, and in the early stages of design. This paper reviews currently suggested procedures to install solar equipment, identifying missing analysis, in order to present a comprehensive methodology in the hospitalization unit of the Hospital Clinico del Sur, Concepción, Chile. This process allowed to detect potentials of the envelope, and to evaluate three combined distributions of thermal and photovoltaic equipment on roof deck; determining an alternative with 131 thermal panels and 196 photovoltaic panels that can satisfy up to 70% of the domestic hot water supply and 91% of lighting, recovering the initial investment at 7.8 years. All of which determines a more complete analysis of the solar implementation, incorporating an assessment of the energy performance, collecting surfaces, technical feasibility and economic evaluation that can contribute substantially in the functional needs, and suggest volumes and systems in new hospital buildings with greater active solar possibilities.


Health facilities Complex morphologies Energy generation Integral method 



This research work was developed thanks to the project with * end Conicyt-AKA NCRE-007: evaluation of the Solar potential in urban Area.


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  • Alberto Nope Bernal
    • 1
    Email author
  • Rodrigo García Alvarado
    • 1
  • Ariel Bobadilla Moreno
    • 1
  1. 1.Universidad del Bío-BíoConcepciónChile

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