Dynamical Modelling of Vehicle’s Maneuvering

  • Ákos CservenákEmail author
  • Tamás Szabó
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This chapter deals with a dynamical modelling of autonomous vehicle, including different manoeuvrings. Solution of the state-space form was performed using the Runge-Kutta method. A special purpose program has been written in the Scilab software system. Manoeuvrings of different cornering and overtaking are simulated.


Mechatronics Autonomous vehicle Runge-Kutta method Cornering Mobile robot 



This research was carried out in the framework of the Center of Excellence of Mechatronics and Logistics at University of Miskolc.


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  1. 1.Robert Bosch Department of MechatronicsUniversity of MiskolcMiskolcHungary

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