Characterisation of Mechanical Properties Using Ball Indentation, Small Punch Creep and Impression Creep Methods

  • M. D. MathewEmail author
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Tensile and creep properties of materials are usually evaluated using standard test methods. These methods are material intensive. Small specimen testing methods such as, Impression Creep, Small Punch Creep and Ball Indentation allows us to determine the mechanical properties of materials. Creep deformation behavior can be studied using Impression Creep. Small Punch Creep test method is used to evaluate creep deformation and fracture properties of materials. Tensile properties and fracture toughness can be evaluated using Ball Indentation method. Compared to the standard test methods, these methods have several advantages in materials development, structural integrity assessment and characterization of mechanical properties of different but narrow microstructural zones in weld joints. This paper presents a review of the recent advances in these three small specimen testing methods and discusses their relative advantages and limitations using ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.


Impression creep Small punch creep Ball indentation Creep Nitrogen 



The author gratefully acknowledges the contributions of several co-researchers in the various studies discussed in the paper.


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