Puerto Rico’s Karst Protection—Beyond the Laws and Regulations

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My lecture will briefly explain the process of karst conservation in Puerto Rico by Ciudadanos Del Karso. However, most of my lecture will question current anthropocentric views on Laws and Regulations and their limitations. The main objective is to take a hard look at those ideas, on which laws and regulations have been based, so that we can consider new ideas from new perspectives, and start thinking outside the box. Good evening and I hope that so far everyone has enjoyed the weather in Puerto Rico and the conference. It is a pleasure to be at this conference on Karst, Groundwater contamination and Public Health. On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors of Ciudadanos Del Karso, our deepest and most humble thanks to the Karst Waters Institute for bestowing the Karst Award of 2015. In June 2015, Ciudadanos Del Karso also received the France HABE Prize awarded by the Department of Karst and the Cave Protection of the International Union of Speleology (UIS) at Postojna, Slovenia.

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