Design of a Telemedicine Ubiquitous Architecture Based on the Smart Device mHealth Arduino 4G

  • Yair E. Rivera-JulioEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 657)


The paper focuses on the design of an open telematics architecture for telemedicine linked to a mobile ubiquitous device, a standalone device with direct connection to the cellular data network LTE (Long Term Evolution). The device when developed allows a multiplexing of biometric readings through adaptation of specialized Sensors and distributed in different parts of the body, which allow mapping the vitals signal: level of glycemia, Body Temperature Sensor, Blood Pressure Sensor, Pulse and Oxygen in Blood Sensor (SPO2), Airflow Sensor (Breathing), Galvanic Skin Response Sensor (GSR - Sweating), Electrocardiogram Sensor (ECG) and Electromyography Sensor (EMG). The system’s modem (TELIT Le910) allows obtaining geo positioning signal of each patient in real time through GPS positioning GLONASS system. This set of data is sent and stored to a geographic health information system, where there is a specialized middleware for a geo-referencing related in real time with those specialized health services and their physical infrastructures. A whole technological system that allows to take advantage of the services 4g and the geographic information systems of health monitoring care of patients with chronic diseases in Colombia, where there are some remote areas and difficult access.




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