Peri-implantitis: Causation and Treatment

  • Michael L. Schmerman
  • Salvador NaresEmail author


The continued increase in the placement of dental implants, while modifying the course of and improving treatment, has spawned a set of problems endemic to the therapy. This chapter explores peri-implantitis including its prevalence and histologic features. Identification of the etiology and microbiology of the entity are traced. Periodontitis has been found to play an important role in susceptibility. The differences between ailing and failing implants are defined. Finally, the history, evolution, and methods of treatment of these problems by various researchers and clinicians are explored. These citations include techniques discussed by Meffert, Lang, and Froum. The complexity of peri-implantitis, as expected, will require much in further study. Of paramount clinical importance is the maintenance phase of implant restoration. By vigilant monitoring, both early detection and interventions can enhance outcomes.


Dental implants Peri-implantitis Treatment protocols Meffert Lang Froum Maintenance 


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