Quadriceps Tears and Tendon Ruptures

  • Ann H. LichtensteinEmail author
  • Jeffery Fine


A quadriceps tendon tear or rupture is a break in the tendon connecting the quadriceps muscle to the patella. This injury frequently occurs in males over 40 years old, patients with systemic inflammatory conditions, and athletes who frequently jump. Partial tears may be difficult to diagnose on physical examination, and ultrasound or MRI may be diagnostic. Acute knee pain, difficulty with knee extension, and a low riding patella characterize full thickness tears, which can be visualized on lateral X-rays. Incomplete tears may be treated conservatively, while full thickness tears and incomplete tears with functional deficits require surgical intervention.


Quadriceps tear Quadriceps rupture Knee pain Tendinosis Patella baja Knee extension abnormality Knee surgery Ligament pathology 


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