Traffic Monitoring in Software Defined Networks Using Opendaylight Controller

  • Duc-Hung LuongEmail author
  • Abdelkader Outtagarts
  • Abdelkrim Hebbar
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Software Defined Network (SDN) is an emerging approach in network technology appeared in recent years. In the SDN revolution, OpenFlow is defined as the first communication standard to separates the control plane and data plane this allows the control plane to be centralized by an OpenFlow controller. The rise of SDN and OpenFlow has changed the point of view of the conventional model for network devices. In this paper, we focus on QoS monitoring in SDN controller using OpenFlow protocol. We propose a monitoring method for collecting the statistic and calculating the throughput of link traffics. We also design a new forwarding algorithm for control plane that avoids bottleneck and provides load-balancing. To evaluate our algorithm in real time traffic, we setup a test-bed in Mininet where we design the applications using the devised algorithm in Opendaylight controller, a fully functional open-source project with a rich set of API.


Asynchronous Transfer Mode Network Device Software Define Networking Traffic Engineering Forwarding Module 
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