Devotional Fitness as Discourse and Embodied Practice

  • Martin Radermacher
Part of the Popular Culture, Religion and Society. A Social-Scientific Approach book series (POPCULT, volume 2)


In what follows, I bring to life the elements which I have mentioned in the condensed summary given in the introduction (Chap.  1). I elaborate on the connection of God and the believers’ body, the central topic of devotional fitness, because devotional fitness as a system of communications and embodiments revolves around the motif of the body as God’s temple. I also explain how exercise routines are perceived as enactments of God’s will, which is essential to devotional fitness. The sections in this chapter shed light on devotional fitness from different analytic angles, trying to understand its inner relations and implicit semiotic and semantic structures.


Market of devotional fitness Target groups Body as temple theology Embodying conversion narratives Healing and transformation 


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