Iron-Catalyzed C–C Cross-Couplings Using Organometallics

  • Amandine GuérinotEmail author
  • Janine Cossy
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Over the last decades, iron-catalyzed cross-couplings have emerged as an important tool for the formation of C–C bonds. A wide variety of alkenyl, aryl, and alkyl (pseudo)halides have been coupled to organometallic reagents, the most currently used being Grignard reagents. Particular attention has been devoted to the development of iron catalysts for the functionalization of alkyl halides that are generally challenging substrates in classical cross-couplings. The high functional group tolerance of iron-catalyzed cross-couplings has encouraged organic chemists to use them in the synthesis of bioactive compounds. Even if some points remain obscure, numerous studies have been carried out to investigate the mechanism of iron-catalyzed cross-coupling and several hypotheses have been proposed.


Iron Cross-coupling C–C bond formation Organometallics 


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