Benchmarking Fast-Data Platforms for the Aadhaar Biometric Database

  • Yogesh SimmhanEmail author
  • Anshu Shukla
  • Arun Verma
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Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric database with a billion records, being compiled as an identity platform to deliver social services to residents of India. Aadhaar processes streams of biometric data as residents are enrolled and updated. Besides \(\sim \)1 million enrollments and updates per day, up to 100 million daily biometric authentications are expected during delivery of various public services. These form critical Big Data applications, with large volumes and high velocity of data. Here, we propose a stream processing workload, based on the Aadhaar enrollment and Authentication applications, as a Big Data benchmark for distributed stream processing systems. We describe the application composition, and characterize their task latencies and selectivity, and data rate and size distributions, based on real observations. We also validate this benchmark on Apache Storm using synthetic streams and simulated application logic. This paper offers a unique glimpse into an operational national identity infrastructure, and proposes a benchmark for “fast data” platforms to support such eGovernance applications.


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We are grateful for inputs provided by Dr. Vivek Raghavan from UIDAI, and UIDAI’s public reports in preparing this article. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the Government of India or any agency thereof, the UIDAI, nor any of their employees.


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