AM-Based Evaluation, Reconstruction, and Improvement of Cultural Heritage Artifacts

  • Andreas GebhardtEmail author


Modern imaging and scanning processes and digital manufacturing methods like additive manufacturing (AM, also known as rapid prototyping) are very important tools for documentation and the support of research in the field of cultural heritage artifacts. This chapter presents the data handling and the capabilities of the most important AM processes and materials used. Many samples linked to medical applications that are closely related to cultural heritage artifacts show successful applications for both documentation and scientific research. Having once obtained the 3D data set, AM opens up business cases for marketing and customized production of cultural heritage artifacts. Examples are giveaways made from plastics as well as precious one-offs made from metal.


Additive manufacturing (AM) Rapid prototyping (RP) Computerized tomography (CT) Digital manufacturing Stereolithography Selective laser melting (SLM) 3D printing Extrusion Tiye Nefertiti Fibula Celts 


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