Flood Responsive Design of the Low-Income Settlements in Kampung Melayu, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Tri Harso KaryonoEmail author
  • Nanda Hidayah Melyan
  • Siti Yaumilia Salsa
  • Elinda Fariz


The coastal city of Jakarta experiences frequent floods, particularly during the rainy season. The main areas which suffer from the floods are those on the riverbanks. The Ciliwung river, flowing in the middle of this capital city, is likely to be the main cause of flooding when its upstream water flows through the capital during the rainy season. Deforestation in the headwater regions due to the development of farms, plantations and housing has reduced the absorption of the rainwater, sparking massive water flows to the lower areas like Jakarta, creating floods in this city. One of the areas which has the most severe problems due to the annual floods is Kampung Melayu. This area is mainly occupied by low income settlements, in which a proportion of the inhabitants are people coming from areas outside Jakarta, such as West Java, Central Java and the other parts of Indonesia. Due to the frequent floods, some of the inhabitants have tried to reduce the impact of flooding by raising the floors of their houses. However, this has not been enough as the river water levels tend to rise. This study tries to compile data of the inhabitants in this settlement, looks at the efforts the people have made to reduce the impact of the floods and finds appropriate design solutions to overcome the problem.


Design solution Floods Squatters Stilt houses Sustainable settlement 


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  • Tri Harso Karyono
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  • Nanda Hidayah Melyan
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  • Siti Yaumilia Salsa
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  • Elinda Fariz
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  1. 1.School of ArchitectureTanri Abeng UniversityJakartaIndonesia

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