Sustainable Fishing Settlement in Muara Angke, North Jakarta

  • Tri Harso KaryonoEmail author
  • Dedi Burhanudin
  • Benedict Timothi


Global warming is melting the polar ice, raising the sea levels. Frequent floods occur in many coastal cities, including coastal settlements, even on sunny days. The Muara Angke fishing settlement in North Jakarta is no exception. Flooding is occurring more frequently at any time, resulting serious problems for the entire inhabitants. The floods come from the sea water during high tides and also from the overflow of the river water during the rainy season. A number of people have tried to escape from the flooding by raising the floors of their houses, the rest, who are very poor and have no money to do anything, just pray that nature may not send them more water. Within the last few years the Jakarta authority took action to evict them as they are occupying illegally lands belong to the government. This paper proposes a different way, not to evict the inhabitants, but rather to develop a new elevated fishing settlement in this area to avoid frequent floods. Sustaining the fishermen in this area is important as they have been collecting the fish in a traditional way for quite a long time, providing fish for the people.


Elevated settlement Eviction Fishing Flood Stilt houses Sustainable design 


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