Online Resource Coalition Reorganization for Efficient Scheduling on the Intercloud

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While users running applications on the intercloud can run their applications on configurations unavailable on single clouds they are faced with VM performance fluctuations among providers and even within the same provider as recent papers have indicated. These fluctuations can impact an application’s objectives. A solution is to cluster intercloud resources into coalitions working together towards a common goal, i.e., ensuring that the deviation from the objectives is minimal. These coalitions are formed based on historical information on the performance of the underlying resources by assuming that patterns in the deployment of the applications are repeatable. However, static coalitions can lead to underutilized resources due to the fluctuating job flow leading to obsolete information. In this paper propose an online coalition formation metaheuristics which allows us to update existing and create new coalitions at run time based on the job flow. We test our AntClust online coalition formation method against a static coalition formation approach.


Resource management Cloud computing Scheduling algorithms Metaheuristics 


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