Morphogenesis and Human Flourishing

Part of the series Social Morphogenesis pp 115-135


Does Intensive Morphogenesis Foster Human Capacities or Liabilities?

  • Margaret S. ArcherAffiliated withCentre for Social Ontology, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick Email author 

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Ontogenetically every newborn human has to establish satisfactory and sustainable relations with the three orders of natural reality: Nature, the Practical Order and the Social Order if they are to survive and thrive. Each order has changed greatly since c. 1980 and exacerbates our liabilities: Climate Change threatens humanity with finitude, the Imperative for Growth with commodification, and the expressivism encouraged by the digital surfeit discourages subjects’ commitment to enduring concerns. Their conjunction inhibits the collective generation of relational goods that could promote Eudaimonia amongst humankind.


Physical well-being Performative competence Self-worth Climate change Economic growth Expressive reflexivity