Morphogenesis and Human Flourishing

Part of the series Social Morphogenesis pp 93-114


The Morphogenic Society as Source and Challenge for Human Fulfillment

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The chapter addresses the problem of what specific conditions the morphogenic society (MS) sets for the hopes and meanings of human flourishing. It is argued that the MS presents some major challenges, summarized as (i) the explosion of the possibilities for action and experience; (ii) social acceleration, and (iii) the saturation of social space. These result in a deep pressure on the human being and in a crisis of the ‘exonerating’ function of institutions. The corresponding, emergent needs are (a) self-empowerment; (ii) durable attachment and cooperation; (iii) a renewed sense of transcendence. This chapter shows that such a societal constellation disrupts the modern ‘compromise of happiness’, calling radically into question personal and collective identities. The hopes for authentic human fulfillment depend on precarious social and cultural dynamics, which can be understood through the guiding distinctions of flourishing/calling and flourishing/enhancement.


Morphogenic society Human flourishing Social acceleration Compromise of happiness Human fulfillment