Morphogenesis and Human Flourishing

Part of the series Social Morphogenesis pp 277-296


Creating Common Good: The Global Sustainable Information Society as the Good Society

  • Wolfgang HofkirchnerAffiliated withInstitute of Design and Technology Assessment, Vienna University of TechnologyBertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science Email author 

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The “good”, eudaimonic society is characterised here as a society that cultivates the commune bonum, the common good, the commons. The topicality of the issue of the commons does not come as a surprise, because the dangers of an anthropogenic breakdown of our societal life originate from rising dysfunctions regarding the commons. The commons, are according to a social systems view, defined as any emerging synergetic relations, one which converges with defining it as a relational good as relational sociology does. In order to remove frictions in the functioning of the commons, a transformation is needed. Social morphogenesis can transform the current societal conditions into those of a true “morphogenic” society in which a ratchet is set up: the flourishing of the actors conditions the flourishing of the society and vice versa. This transformation has to take into consideration a global, a sustainable and an informational imperative. The global sustainable information society is the concrete utopia of today.


Commons Morality Eudaimonia Systems functions Values Globality Sustainability Meta-reflexivity All-inclusiveness Commonism