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Conventional Lube Base Stock

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This chapter reviews the basic unit processes in modern conventional lube manufacturing. As this is a large subject area, this chapter will focus on giving the reader an overview of the major processes most frequently found in the lube-manufacturing plant. It will neither cover all technologies or processes nor will it discuss detailed plant design and operation as this would easily require another book. The reader should come away with a general understanding of the conventional lube-manufacturing process and key factors affecting the unit processes.

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Fig. 33.7
Fig. 33.8
Fig. 33.9
Fig. 33.10
Fig. 33.11
Fig. 33.12
Fig. 33.13a,b
Fig. 33.14a–c
Fig. 33.15a–c
Fig. 33.16
Fig. 33.17
Fig. 33.18
Fig. 33.19
Fig. 33.20a,b
Fig. 33.21
Fig. 33.22
Fig. 33.23
Fig. 33.24
Fig. 33.25
Fig. 33.26
Fig. 33.27a–c
Fig. 33.28a,b
Fig. 33.29a,b
Fig. 33.30
Fig. 33.31a,b
Fig. 33.32
Fig. 33.33
Fig. 33.34
Fig. 33.35
Fig. 33.36
Fig. 33.37a,b
Fig. 33.38
Fig. 33.39
Fig. 33.40
Fig. 33.41
Fig. 33.42
Fig. 33.43
Fig. 33.44a–g
Fig. 33.45
Fig. 33.46a,b
Fig. 33.47a–e
Fig. 33.48
Fig. 33.49
Fig. 33.50a–d
Fig. 33.51
Fig. 33.52
Fig. 33.53
Fig. 33.54
Fig. 33.55
Fig. 33.56
Fig. 33.57
Fig. 33.58
Fig. 33.59
Fig. 33.60
Fig. 33.61
Fig. 33.62
Fig. 33.63
Fig. 33.64
Fig. 33.65
Fig. 33.66
Fig. 33.67
Fig. 33.68
Fig. 33.69
Fig. 33.70


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Special thanks to ExxonMobil employees and annuitants: Bob Aupperlee, Doug Boate, Joe Boyle, Mike Davis, Ken Del Rossi, Sasha Glivicky, Dave Mentzer, Chuck Quinlan, Evelino Ruibal, Dave Sinclair, Bernie Slade, and Howard Spencer and to Armstrong and Borsig Scraped Surface Equipment suppliers.

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