Linkset Quality Assessment for the Thesaurus Framework LusTRE

  • Riccardo Albertoni
  • Monica De Martino
  • Paola PodestàEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 672)


Recently a great number of controlled vocabularies (e.g., thesauri) covering several domains and shared by different communities, have been published and interlinked using the Linked Data paradigm. Remarkable efforts have been spent from data producers to make their thesauri compliant with Linked Data requirements both for the content encoding and for the connections (aka, linkset) with others thesauri. Also in our experience in the creation of the framework of multilingual linked thesauri for the environment (LusTRE), within the EU funded project eENVplus, the development of the interlinking among thesauri, have required significant efforts, thus, the evaluation of their quality in term of usefulness and enrichment of information became a critical issue. In this paper, to support our claim, we discuss the results of the quality evaluation of several linksets created in LusTRE. To this purpose, we consider two quality measures, the average linkset reachability and the average linkset importing, able to quantify the linkset-accessible information.


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The paper activity has been carried out within the EU funded project eENVplus (CIP-ICT-PSP grant No. 325232). The authors would like to thank all partners and, in particular, Paolo Plini (IIA-CNR) for the important collaboration, and the team of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (Italy) for the valuable contribution.


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  • Monica De Martino
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  • Paola Podestà
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