Design and implementation of Data Center Network Global Congestion Price Calculating method based on Software Defined Networking

  • Chen Xiao LongEmail author
  • Shan Chun
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 1)


Aim the defect that the calculating algorithm for the link price is based on the proportion of the link state such as queuing length, queuing delay etc. However the proportion is invariable and is unable to meet the dynamical character of data center network. Therefore, the figure that the controller of SDN architecture can grasp the global resource information will be made full use of, a kind of two layer network global congestion price calculating algorithm is put forward. The upper algorithm is deployed in the opendaylight controller and give proportion parameter vector B according to the global resource information (including network topology, link state, queue length). The lower algorithm is deployed in OpenFlow switch, compute the link congestion price according to proportion parameter vector B given by the upper algorithm.


opendaylight two layer algorithm proportion congestion price 


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