Cost-Benefit Analysis of Using Dependency Knowledge at Integration Testing

  • Sahar TahviliEmail author
  • Markus BohlinEmail author
  • Mehrdad Saadatmand
  • Stig Larsson
  • Wasif Afzal
  • Daniel Sundmark
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10027)


In software system development, testing can take considerable time and resources, and there are numerous examples in the literature of how to improve the testing process. In particular, methods for selection and prioritization of test cases can play a critical role in efficient use of testing resources. This paper focuses on the problem of selection and ordering of integration-level test cases. Integration testing is performed to evaluate the correctness of several units in composition. Further, for reasons of both effectiveness and safety, many embedded systems are still tested manually. To this end, we propose a process, supported by an online decision support system, for ordering and selection of test cases based on the test result of previously executed test cases. To analyze the economic efficiency of such a system, a customized return on investment (ROI) metric tailored for system integration testing is introduced. Using data collected from the development process of a large-scale safety-critical embedded system, we perform Monte Carlo simulations to evaluate the expected ROI of three variants of the proposed new process. The results show that our proposed decision support system is beneficial in terms of ROI at system integration testing and thus qualifies as an important element in improving the integration testing process.


Process improvement Software testing Decision support system Integration testing Test case selection Prioritization Optimization Return on investment 



This work was supported by VINNOVA grant 2014-03397 through the IMPRINT project and the Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KKS) grant 20130085 through the TOCSYC project and the ITS-EASY industrial research school. Special thanks to Johan Zetterqvist, Ola Sellin and Mahdi Sarabi at Bombardier Transportation, Västerås-Sweden.


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