An RDF Design Pattern for the Structural Representation and Querying of Expressions

  • Sébastien Ferré
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10024)


Expressions, such as mathematical formulae, logical axioms, or structured queries, account for a large part of human knowledge. It is therefore desirable to allow for their representation and querying with Semantic Web technologies. We propose an RDF design pattern that fulfills three objectives. The first objective is the structural representation of expressions in standard RDF, so that expressive structural search is made possible. We propose simple Turtle and SPARQL abbreviations for the concise notation of such RDF expressions. The second objective is the automated generation of expression labels that are close to usual notations. The third objective is the compatibility with existing practice and legacy data in the Semantic Web (e.g., SPIN, OWL/RDF). We show the benefits for RDF tools to support this design pattern with the extension of SEWELIS, a tool for guided exploration and edition, and its application to mathematical search.


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